Here at Jungle Aid we are very proud of the things our team and our sponsors have achieved. Each year we go from strength to strength and we feel a great sense of gratitude to have such kind, generous and involved supporters.

It gives us great pleasure to share with you details about a project that has taken over a year to finalise and get backing for from the local authorities. We are thrilled to now have the necessary permissions to build a well at Pala u Noi. This will provide water for over 200 people.

The effect this will have will no-doubt be life changing and will change the community for the better now and in the future.

The next stage of this process is to raise funds from amazing donors like you to help us finally bring this project to fruition.

The project will be split into 4 stages –

Stage 1 – Survey and Well Drilling (and purchase of all materials): 293,520 Thai Baht

Stage 2 – Construction Begins: 293,520 Thai Baht

Stage 3 – Install Solar Powered Water Pumps: 372,500 Thai Baht

Stage 4 – Survey & Construct Water Pipe Network: 293,550 Thai Baht

If you would like to get involved with this project (or any other of our causes) please get in touch with us via the ‘donate’ button at the top of the page. We can’t wait to see the incredible impact this project will have on this community.




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