Success Stories

Nong Dee

Young Nong Dee was badly scared after falling into a fire when he was just two years old. With the support of our friends and partners Operation Smile, Nong Dee has been seen in a Bangkok hospital and will be receiving several operations to help reduce the severe scarring on his face and help him lead a more comfortable life.


Echiwa is a young boy with Thalassemia, a blood disorder which means he needs a life saving blood transfusion every three weeks to prevent him from going into coma. With the help of our amazing supporters and donors we have been able to provide for Echiwa and are continuously seeking further medical advice.

Che Che

Che Che was just 17 when he had a lower jaw tumour removed. In order for the doctors to remove the tumour they had to remove the bottom half of Che Che’s jaw and replace it with bone from his hip and thigh. It has been a remarkable journey for this amazing, courageous young man who now has a new chance in life and looks forward to his future as all teenagers should.


Wandee was 47 years old when we first met and referred her to a specialist. She was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and, with no Thai identity card, she was unable to get treatment. Due to your support and our amazing team we were able to arrange the successful surgery to save Wandee’s life.

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