About Our Team

The Jungle Aid Foundation is made up entirely of passionate and determined volunteers. We’re problem-solvers, doctors, nurses and creative thinkers who want to do our part to make a difference. Our mission is to provide aid to those in less fortunate situations, for a brighter future. Get to know us a little bit better.


The Jungle Aid Family

Area Managers

We are committed to providing communities with only the support they need. Our area managers are at the heart of this commitment and make key decisions about which projects should be our priority.

Medical Team

Our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are the soul of Jungle Aid. Their combined efforts every month have changed lives and made a profound impact on the communities they work in.

Assessment Team

Rural communities are complex and often changing, this is why our assessment team play such a crucial role in Jungle Aid. Our projects adapt to the changing circumstances reported by our assessment team.

Operational Team

Every organisation needs to be organised and our foundation is no different. Our operations team ensure that our finances are in order, our meetings are recorded, our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed.


Our assistants are another essential part of our team and they are responsible for a whole variety of essential tasks: updating our website, posting to social media and raising awareness to name a few.

Our Volunteers

Although they are not part of our core team we owe our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the volunteers that have worked with us. Their skills, expertise and hard work have enabled us to do more with less.
All of this is only possible because of the support we receive from people like you. By sharing our enthusiasm for solving these problems and gifting to us your generous donations we can continue our work towards a brighter future.

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