Why Jungle Aid

For people in developing communities, aid can change everything. It’s the difference between drinking water that is clean and water that can cause all manner of illness. It’s the difference between having access to healthcare or living every day with debilitating medical conditions. It’s the difference between children who go to school and children who have no chance of an education.

And sometimes it’s the difference between receiving a life saving surgery or certain death.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Building a Well at Pala u Noi

Here at Jungle Aid we are very proud of the things our team and our sponsors have achieved. Each year we go from strength to strength and we feel a great sense of gratitude to have such kind, generous and involved supporters. It gives us great pleasure to share with...

Clothes Donations

As some of you know we do much more than just offer our remote medical clinics. We also help send children to school, build farms, provide clean water to villages and fund life saving operations. But something we don't often talk about is that we also graciously...

Help children get to school

In the village of Pala U Noi there are 7 children who are unable to get to school. With your generous support we can help these children attend school and receive an education. We are gathering further details now and we will update this post once we have more...


help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.
synonyms: come to someone’s aid, give assistance, lend a hand, be of service

help, typically of a practical nature.
synonyms: assistance, support, backing, cooperation; a helping hand

The Jungle Aid Medical Bag

Sometimes it’s a bag, and sometimes it’s a box.

Our medical bag is one of our greatest assets; not only does it provide all of the resources our medical team need to run their healthcare service in rural locations, but it is also a symbol of hope and unity. Our monthly medical bags are funded entirely by generous public donations, which means that every time a member of the community receives a treatment from our bag they have been directly supported by someone just like you.

Help Us To Make A Difference