For A Brighter Future

We believe in a future where education, healthcare, access to food and clean water is available to everyone without discrimination.

We’re a private charity bringing essential support to displaced people in and around Thailand.

Our mission is to provide medical aid, education, support and micro-business opportunities to improve the lives of people living in remote locations in and around Thailand. Many of the communities that we support have extremely restricted resources which might mean that it is a constant struggle to feed their families, find clean drinking water or access even a basic level of healthcare. With your help we provide the communities with the supplies, the knowledge and the continued support to make small changes that make a big difference.

Medical Aid

We visit an impoverished community each month to provide free medical care and offer funding for emergency operations.


Education is a key part of our mission: by sharing knowledge with rural communities about health & nutrition we can reduce illness.


We aim to help communities become self-sufficient through a variety of projects. Where this is not currently possible we provide extra support.


Our team offer insight and assistance to community members so that they can supplement their income and support their families.

Your Support Makes All The Difference

When a community gets access to Jungle Aid’s resources, it can have a profound effect on their lives. It can improve health, provide access to food, support local economies, and help patients receive life saving hospital care.







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Recent News

July 1st Newsletter

How Many Patients have been treated in Jungle Aid Medical Clinics so far this Year?The answer is… an incredible 251 people.A whole myriad of often painful and debilitating ailments are treated by the medical team who give their time and infinite energy to support the...

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June 1st Newsletter

The Jungle Aid community responded swiftly and generously, following the outbreak of fire at Pala U Noi village. Two families lost their homes. Donations of building materials, as well as household and personal items were sought by Jungle Aid. As usual there was no...

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April 1st 2024 Newsletter

Communities deep within the jungle areas, as well as within the vicinity of Hua Hin continue to need basic essentials, health care and support to develop sustainable ways to improve the quality of lives. One of the Jungle visits this month was to the remote villages...

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