Pa LA U village has 39 houses and about 200 people who have limited medical care and education and insufficient access to healthy food, clean water, electricity, toilets and waste disposal facilities.

The trip had several aims:

* Operate our field medical clinic to:

– Provide access to medical care

– Run a seminar on burns and mosquitos

* Evaluate water situation: – Deliver a new pump and water tank

* Pass on donations

– Sportswear and trainers provided by JA as the children currently share shoes for sport.

* Evaluate current dog and cat numbers for neutering and healthcare

-Kathryn and Bangkok vet to coordinate this project, starting 25th January 2017

The volunteers met in Hua Hin at 7am on Saturday morning, loaded with the sports kits, water pump, water tank and medical supplies into cars and headed out to the village.

Our medical staff was our nurse Emma and Joy our translator working together with Asya who recorded the data. The seminar we had on managing burns was fantastic. Many children burn themselves with the open fires. We discussed how to treat the children and reducing the risk factors in the first place.

We saw 22 patients with one young boy had a broken arm that needed to be sent to hospital.

Village assessment team

Terry and Wi and Vasily were able to spend several hours walking around the village to complete the assessment and identify their needs with a local leader.

Water project-The water pump and tank have now been delivered.

The Project for the well which will supply all 200 residents has been approved by the local Thai Government. We will now be looking for support to raise 1 million Baht to fund this project!!!! Details will be sent out soon.

Dogs and cats Project-Spaying the animals starts 25th January

Donation distribution

Towards the end of the day we distributed the sports kits, badminton rackets and handmade toys.

After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers we headed home.

If you are interested in joining us on a trip please sign-up on the Jungle Aid ‘Meetup’ website at You will see that places are limited so it is better to sign-up earlier.

We have many volunteer roles available:

* Thai Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Nutritionist;

* Water and sanitation experts:


Without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed….Thank-you for supporting the work we do…….:]

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