Another beautiful day in Hua Hin for our meeting at Market Village at 6:45am. We started the day with an introduction where everyone had the chance to introduce himself to the group before leaving for Ba Mak at 7.30.
We reached the village with a bit of delay as we weren’t lucky with the GPS that day, which added to the team determination to get started with the clinic straight on arrival. Meanwhile the great volunteers from Chiva Som started numerous games with the children. We could really see that everyone enjoyed the day through the games and drawings contest. Many toys and food have been distributed to the children. Just by seeing their smiles, we could see that it was a particular day for them!
Only few patients came to clinic, which is good news, as it means that less patient are sick! Some of them even benefited from acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments. A villager has been trained in a government hospital for one month and now acts as the first-aid point of contact for the sick villagers. We are really excited about this, as she will help following-up serious cases identified during the Jungle Aid clinics. We gave her some needed medications to supplement her pharmacy cabinet. She will now join our medical team when we come visit the village.
Thanks to our translator Thu, we were able to know more about the water project advancement. The local government recently offered 4 concrete 4 meters high water tanks, which are providing a significant and much needed water reserve for the village. Jungle Aid will now help fulfill any gaps in the project with a water pump thanks to our generous sponsors. As usual, a clothes distribution has been held and everyone could find something suitable for them.
Some food and mosquitos nets have been distributed as well. It was a beautiful very hot day with beautiful people, and we are really excited to see the village moving towards more and more self-sufficiency initiatives. We would like to thank you all the volunteers and the Chiva Som hotel to provide Jungle Aid with such a qualitative and quantitative support.
After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers we headed home. If you are interested in joining us on a trip please sign-up on the Jungle Aid Meetup website at
You will see that places are limited so it is better to sign-up earlier.
We have many volunteer roles available – many require only passion and enthusiasm though we are also looking for people with technical skills. If you have skills in the following or know someone who does, Jungle Aid would be very keen to hear:
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Project management
  • Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Nutritionist
  • Water and sanitation expert
Without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed. Thank you for supporting the work we do!

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