Once again, we had a large group of volunteers visiting Bon Luk. We left very early in three 4x4s, kindly sponsored by Dave of Hua Hin Car Hire and Mary Neve, and drove to Bon Luk.

We had one doctor, one fish expert from CPF and members of our fundraising event team with us. Our long time volunteer Dr Coco saw 18 patients; with Thu helping with translation, Caitlin recording patient data and Nick dispensing medicines.

9 year old Supachok is continuously getting his follow up treatment and physiotherapy / stretching exercise lessons, for burns sustained from an accident a year ago, from Jungle Aid team.

CPF very kindly donated 2,000 Black Tilapia fingerling for releasing in ponds at the village. Their expert Khun Nut guided the villagers on how to release fish in ponds and supervised the process. She also guided them on how to successfully breed fish. CPF has agreed to partner with us in our effort to bring wholesome food sustainability to the communities we work with.

The pig pen we started at Bon Luk with 2 pigs now has 4 more piglets. The future, in terms of sustainable food solutions, is looking brighter.

Our Assessment teams of Alessandra, Leyna, Armin and Prabhjeet spoke with the village’s deputy leader and villagers (including women and children) to find out their immediate needs. We will be proposing these for approval and will request your help in fulfilling these. With the help of villagers, Alessandra started mapping the village by plotting houses and facilities and we will continue to complete it on our future visits.

Students from Stenden University are organizing a fund raiser, benefitting Jungle Aid. in Bangkok in January, 2016. It is part of UFWH Network. 4 Students from this team were with us recording the day in photos and videos.

As is our practice now, we brought cooking oil, noodles, fish sauce and canned fish for the 16 children living in the village shelter. These were all donated by our long time volunteer Lyn.

Jungle Aid also supports the children in this shelter by bringing 50kg rice to them on every visit. We also brought recycled notebooks to the children at village and to the village school. Paper Ranger has been providing us with these for nearly two years now.

We also donated a handmade blanket to be shared by entire community. This was kindly donated by Stitch and Bitch group in Hua Hin.

Leyna, Aukje, Marije and Esmee helped with handing out tons of donations generously donated by our regular contributors as well as our new CSR partner Swarovski Gemstones (Thailand). We had a huge pile of donations and these will be very useful in the months to come.

We walked around the village and were pleased to see that village continues to maintain overall cleanliness and trash baskets are being used. We also found out how the villagers are successfully managing their waste and will leverage their model in other communities that we work with.

Jungle aid medical clinic
On our way back, we stopped at the school to donate dictionaries, donated by our long time volunteer Thu, recycled notebooks and to speak with the school headmaster.

After a long day at village, all volunteers were loaded back in to the truck for the dusty journey home.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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