Our volunteers met early at Market village and after quick introductions, one team left for Ba Mak and the other for Bang Saphan.

After nearly three hours of scenic but challenging drive, we arrived at the village. The medical team was ready to start immediately.

Our Doctor Gerard saw 24 patients working closely with Natalie helping with translation and Elmi recording patient data. We referred 4 patients to hospital for further investigation. We will be following up on our future visits.

We saw many children with skin conditions and our nurse Anne cleaned and dressed their wounds. She also taught them on how to stay clean and avoid these infections / wounds in future. We handed out soap and towels to the children so that they could benefit from Anne’s guidance on cleanliness and hygiene.

Anne also suggested for us to bring flea treatment for village dogs as it will help the children avoid skin rashes / infections as well as the village dogs.

We also handed over tooth brushes and tooth pastes to the children so that they can maintain oral hygiene.

Our assessment team walked around the village to identify the most optimum place to install the water tank that we will be providing. They spoke with many villagers and other stakeholders to ascertain the final solution.
Jungle aid medical clinic
We noticed there were people from city, mostly foreigners, on a campsite by the river. On our future visits, we will find out if this was a random event or is a regular feature and if it helps the village in any way.

After a successful clinic and assessment, besides our usual distribution of clothes and shoes etc, we also distributed stationery items and recycled notebooks among the children. This time we also brought them some detergent and asked the villagers to use it for cleaning toilets.

We left some toys at the village nursery and stationery, notebooks and cleaning supplies with the village school as well.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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