The village has approximately 110 people and they are the most displaced and most vulnerable group we support. Once again, we were reminded of how difficult it is for residents this widely scattered and displaced community to access basic requirements and towns. People have to walk for 2 days to reach Baan Bang Charoen to attend our medical clinic.

Our volunteers met at 6:15AM and headed out on 2 trucks (one sponsored by our regular sponsor Hua Hin Car Hire) loaded with oral hygiene products (courtesy of our long time benefactor Omroom), canned fish and noodles (courtesy of our partner Chiva Som), healthy, award winning, rice crackers (from our regular donor Laiki Rice Crackers) that are becoming more and more popular among the communities we support, stationery items, over 500kg of rice, medicines for village nurse (Jungle Aid’s ongoing support to the displaced villagers and children attending school) and other donations. Our volunteers included one new doctor, one medical student and translators.

After an over 3 hour drive south of Hua Hin we arrived at the check point where they usually have 4 or 5 patients needing to be seen. This time, we had no patients to see here; while rare, a good sign of improving health conditions.

Our IDs were furnished to the authorities before we were allowed to go on to the shelter. At shelter, we were told patients have to walk for two days to get to our clinic and some of the patients were unable to reach the clinic in time. Our medical team of Dr Rene Watteau and Aashie, together with Caitlin (dispensing medicines) and Angel (recording patient data) saw 13 patients with wide range of medical conditions. Thu helped them with translation.
Jungle aid medical clinic
We were told that there are two young children with liver conditions that we will have to assist with treatment. We will get details from the nurse and arrange for their treatment. Our area manager and our translator / pharmacist Nancy went through the medicine box that Jungle Aid provides on every trip, with the village nurse.

Villagers also expressed their gratitude for 500kg rice, box of medicines (provided by Jungle Aid on every trip; to be distributed among widely scattered villagers), noodles, fish, toothbrushes / toothpastes, stationery items and other donations. Books were an instant hit with the children at the shelter. The assessment team was able to obtain important information to present project proposals to the board in coming weeks.

We adapted a new approach this time and spoke with children attending school and living at the shelter. We learnt that around 20 children staying at Baan Bang Charoen House have to walk 7km each way every day to get to school. Also, they are carrying their books and other items in polythene bags. They requested us if we could help them with bicycles and backpacks. We will be requesting you, our donors and friends of Jungle Aid, for these once these projects are approved by Jungle Aid board.

Without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed. Garry documented the day in photos.

After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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