Once again, we had a large group of volunteers visiting Bon Luk. We took two 4x4s, kindly donated by Dave of Hua Hin Car Hire, and drove to Bon Luk. We had one doctor, one nurse, one pharmacist and one physiotherapist on the team.

Our medical team of a Nurse, a pharmacist and a physiotherapist (volunteers from our new partner Chiva Som) and our long time volunteer Dr Coco saw 49 patients; with Bebee helping with translation and Angela recording patient data. Meanwhile, our area manager, together with Joanne and Tahir, was talking to villagers.
Jungle aid volunteer
Children had a wonderful time with our first time volunteer Marie who taught them laughter therapy and some exciting games. Children were still practicing their new skill when we left. David Watson of Hua Hin Today documented the day with wonderful photos.

We learnt that the students have already started secondary school. The schools kindly agreed for students to start school with fees being paid later. We will look for sponsors to fund these students who need help with secondary school. At Jungle Aid we aim to support and encourage children to attend school until 16 years. We also made contact with the head master of local border patrol school and he confirmed the educational needs as gathered from villagers. We will keep contact with him in order to understand the village needs better.

We also learnt that the school has a vocational training center and haircutting skills are taught to anybody who wants to learn; children and grownups alike. We will explore on how to coordinate and synchronize this with our project proposals to teach the villagers life skills that will help them with better prospects at employment.

We walked around the village and were pleased to see that the village has been maintaining overall cleanliness and trash baskets are being used. We also noticed that maintenance work was being done on houses in preparation for upcoming rainy season. We left toys to be shared by children attending the pre-school / nursery being run by border patrol. We also helped the village orphanage, taking care of abandoned / orphaned children, by providing bags of rice.

After a successful clinic and assessment, besides our usual distribution of clothes and shoes etc, we also distributed personal hygiene items like combs, soaps, tooth-brushes and toothpaste to children as well as grown-ups. Chiva Som donated their environment friendly utility bags to the villagers.

Jungle aid volunteers and Chiva SomWe were able to distribute clothes to young children aged 0-12 years of age. These were kindly donated by the Chiva Som team of volunteers. Our usual donations that we receive / collect mostly comprise of adult clothes. It is not very often that we are able to distribute children’s clothes. Villagers as well as children were very happy to have some children’s clothes.

After a long day at the village, all volunteers were loaded back in to the truck for the dusty journey home. We made it back to metalled roads just before dark.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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