The village has approximately 70 people still and they are our most displaced and most vulnerable group we support. After two successful attempts to be able to see villagers on our previous visits, we were reminded of how difficult it is to get communication and access to this community.

Our volunteers met at 6:45AM with 2 trucks loaded with over 500kg of rice, recycled notebooks, many clothes, pillows and other donations. The volunteers included two new doctors, a paramedic, our regular Dr Laura (this was her last trip with us for the time being as she is leaving Thailand in less than a month), translators and students and a lecturer from Webster University.
Jungle aid volunteers handing out rice
After an over 3 hour drive south of Hua Hin we arrived at the check point where they usually have 4 or 5 patients needing to be seen. Our ID is also submitted to allow us to go on to the shelter.

We received our first surprise here when we were told there were no patients at the shelter. Our medical team saw 5 patients here and we drove to the shelter to hand over 500kg rice (to be distributed among widely scattered villagers), notebooks and other donations.

The assessment team was able to obtain important information to present project proposals to the board in coming weeks. During the assessment, our doctors dispensed medicines for the patients who were not able to visit the clinic. We also left a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope for the village nurse to use – courtesy of our paramedic Jeff.

Without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed. After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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