The drive to Bon Luk is always a challenging one.  As soon as we arrived at the village, the medical team was ready to start.  Dr Laura, who saw 33 patients, worked closely with Nid doing the translation and Joanna recording patient data. We distributed loads of personal hygiene items like soaps, lice combs and tooth-brushes to children as well as grown-ups.
jungle aid medical clinic
Meanwhile, our assessment team, including Garry and Charlotte, was talking to villagers – with Nid alternating between clinic and assessment whenever possible. We received a list of 20 students who will be graduating from village primary school and will be going to secondary school in towns next school year.  We will find out which ones of these need help with that.  At Jungle Aid we aim to support and encourage children to attend school until 16 years.
Jungle aid medical clinic
We were happy to see that the fish pond is growing and we discussed with the villager who is managing this. The number of fishes that was initially funded has grown from 2,000 to 2,500.  Some of the fishes were consumed and some were sold.  Right now there are 500 fishes left in the pond and there are 4,000 THB left on the budget to buy more fish.  The villager will buy more fishes in these upcoming weeks.

He has also replaced one big pig with two smaller female pigs (of different ages). He will use somebody else’s male pig for breeding when the females are of age. While we are happy to see the progress and his understanding / implementing in our suggestions to grow his enterprise, we were concerned by the effect of the dry season on his greens farm which isn’t producing much for the children at the orphanage.  That is going to be our priority for these upcoming months. We did also ask him to find ways to collaborate with villagers that have chickens.  If possible, the idea is to put a chicken coup on top of the fish pond and let the chicken droppings supplement fish food.  We will follow up on this on our future trips.
jungle aid volunteers
We walked around in the village and were pleased to see that the village has been maintaining overall cleanliness and trash baskets are being used well. After a successful clinic and assessment, we gave out the clothes, shoes, books, colour pencils and toys that had been donated from Lertlah School in Bangkok.  Books, colour pencils and flip flops were an instant hit with the children.  Children as well as volunteers had a great time showing off their creative talent.

The day was well documented in photographs by Carl. All volunteers were loaded back in to the truck for the dusty journey home.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with, we were heading back home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….



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