After stopping by Home for Students to see a few patients, we arrived at Ba Mak around 10 am loaded in two 4×4. Meanwhile Emma and the medical team were busy at running the ever popular Medical clinic; the assessment team went on to get an update on the village situation.

Jungle Aid village assessment
Ba Mak is now made of 127 families relying mostly on farming (rubber, rice, chili and coffee to name a few). With a fast growing population the villagers are mindful about how family planning is capital and are glad we can help them through the medical clinic. We got the chance to speak with the local school principal as well as one village business owner.

From an educational point of view, the teacher shared with us that his main wish is to be able to build a career for his students. Be able to provide them with vocational skills that, for example will help them to add value to the local crops. We listen attentively to these precious insights, crucial for us to support the villagers becoming self-sufficient.

They share with us the recurrence of dental problem as well as having neither concern nor education on hygiene. We will be brainstorming on how to support them and make an impact on Hygiene education. We then run through the list of children we are supporting to go to school to make sure of their attendance.
Jungle aid village assesment
Our hosts shared with us their concerns about water supply during the dry season. Indeed, when it occurs the villagers have to go down to the river for water. Our project managers assessed the situation and the existing infrastructures in order to work on it and restore water access to the village through the year. Stay tuned for more updates as we move along! We are then passing by the school vegetables garden that helps ensure all students get a free lunch at school.

After an insightful and fruitful day we headed back home. We are very grateful to all volunteers to be part of it and to our supporters to make this day possible.

Jungle Aid village assessment Chloé (volunteer), Delphine (Area manager), Yui (translator), Anders (Project manager) together with village assessment hosts.



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