Today we had a very big team of enthusiastic volunteers meeting early at 6am at Market Village. It is a long drive so to maximize the time at the village we leave as early as possible. One team was travelling to Ba Mak and one team to Bon Luk. With almost 20 volunteers split in to 2 teams, introductions for the new members we set off in opposite directions.
Jungle Aid medical clinic
On the way to Ba Mak the team stopped at the Home for students. With our assessment team and project board, they were able to look at the possibility of solar panels to support the electricity demands of the orphanage. They also looked at the current risks to the children as the roof is made from asbestos and needs to be removed. We are in the process of obtaining quotes for this work to be done.  They now have 9 cows thanks to a local dentist Heinz and are managing the selling of the milk to help support the needs of the children.

It was then time to go on to Ba Mak village. Once we arrived the medical team was ready to start. Our nurse Emma who managed to see around 30 patients worked closely with our youngest translator yet, Rushabh, who is 19 years old and studying in Bangkok. The children we see often have very poor oral hygiene due to a lack of tooth brushing or education to support the reason why we brush our teeth.
Jungle Aid medical clinic Ba Mak
We also saw many young mothers that requested the birth control pill which is fantastic as we see mothers as young as 21 on their 7 pregnancy. With the support from Jungle Aid we aim to support and encourage children to attend school until 16 years old rather than stay at home with babies or working for the family.
Jungle Aid volunteers hadning out donated clothes
There were several cases that needed follow up at the hospital. One little girl who may be deaf, a man who has a severe liver condition and a little girl who’s eye had been injured. After a successful medical, we gave out the clothes, shoes and toys that had been donated from Lertlah School in Bangkok. The children loved the cuddly toys.

All volunteers were loaded back in to the truck for the dusty journey home. After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….







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