After nearly a year of trying, we have managed to get access to our most remote village Ta Yai in Bang Saphan. The village is a widely scattered group of houses with its majority of houses and population on the Burmese side of the border.

It was a very demanding and challenging trek through rivers (six crossings through waist-high water with strong current), mountains and jungle. We were able to take 7 volunteers including our Doctor who was able to offer medical care to people who have no access to health care and regular supply of medicines.

Bang Saphan remote village

We diagnosed a young boy of 8 having asthma. We will be supporting him with inhalers.

Our assessment team worked hard to get an update of the current situation, as they have had to move location several times to ensure they are safe. They have a huge problem with a regular food supply and clean water. With the assessment team working closely with the leader of the village, we identified the top five needs of the villagers.

Even with no access to basic needs, the villagers understand the value of investing in the future of the children and their education. Four of the five needs are to supportĀ  children with access to a rented house, nearly two hours away from the village, so that they can go to school. We distributed much-needed rice, mosquito nets and clothes to the villagers, particularly needed during the rainy season. We also left a box of medicines with the village nurse. We repaired petrol operated generator set and trained villagers on how to operate it. We also helped them with money to buy fuel for it.

Jungle Aid volunteers in remote village

Without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed.

After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do!

Jungle Aid volunteers in remote village

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