After many months we have finally managed to get access to our most remote village – Bang Saphan. The village is extremely difficult to get to due to it being displaced and for over 6 months it has been a constant battle to try and have access.

We were able to take 12 volunteers including our Osteopath, Nurse and Doctor who were able to offer medical care to the people there who have no way to access any form of health care. Our assessment team worked hard to get an update of the current situation, especially since the people who live here have had to move location several times to ensure they are safe. This means that they have a huge problem with a receiving a regular food supply and clean water.

Jungle Aid volunteers

With the assessment team working closely with the leader of the village we plan to visit again next month to implement several important changes.
We also distributed much-needed mosquito nets and clothes to the villagers, which are particularly needed during Thailand’s rainy season!

Jungle Aid volunteers

After a fantastic trip we were able to visit one of our patients who is severely ill in Prachuap Hospital. Kraw Kor was in a terrible accident where he fell down a mountain and had a bleed in the brain. So far his treatment has cost more than 60,000 baht , which is expected to rise to 140,000 baht for his care. You can help Kraw Kor by making a donation. It really will make a world of difference because without your support we cannot offer the help that is needed.

After an amazing day with the incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do!

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