Medical Up date 26th July 2014

Our amazing volunteers split in to 2 teams again this month to visit 2 of our villages. They met early travelling for up to 4 hours in 4×4’s to reach their destinations loaded with donated clothes.

Ba Mak

On the way to Ba Mak loaded with all our amazing donations from Angie and Beat who managed to bring a total of 100kg from their home country we stopped at a family who had a very sick lady of only 47 years old with suspected cancer. She has been deteriorating over the past 7 months and is unable to eat. She was assessed and supported by JA the following day to be treated at hospital in Hua Hin. Her name is Gida and we will keep you posted on her progress.


The medical clinic was a huge success with our nurse seeing around 25 patients all with varying conditions. There was a young boy called Chon La thai aged 7 who has no parents and no one to look after him. We will be looking at a distant relative in the village to take on his care and feed him with the support of Jungle Aid. At present different people in the village offer him food when he turns up at their house hungry.


The clothes donated were very popular as we had a lot of baby clothes and there are many babies in the village. All the children managed to have arms full of new clothes and flip flops and were so excited to receive them.


The village assessment was completed by our Project Manager Celine up dating our data each time we visit. They will be following up with the village leaders about water tanks where we will get our Water Project coordinator Anders to come and assess very soon.


We will also work closely with a local Thai clinic that can give birth control for some months of the year but they do not currently have funding for the whole year. We are hoping JA will be able to support them allowing access all year round to birth control.


Thank you for supporting the work we do………………..

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