Hi everyone, Brett here to talk you through a few changes we have made to our website. If you aren’t new to the site then you will have noticed that everything has changed and it has all been for good very good reason. Jungle Aid is growing at an unbelievable pace and we are gaining new supporters each day (hello and thank you for joining us!) – and this is great news. Not only do we have more supporters than ever before but we also have many supporters who want to donate to our causes and help make change happen. This is absolutely wonderful and we want to try and make it as easy as possible for people to be able to donate and make a difference. But all this extra support comes with bigger, more exciting challenges and because of this we needed to make some changes to our site. Simply put, we have outgrown our old site and needed something bigger and better. Let me walk you through some of the changes we have made –

Donations Made Simple

We have completely overhauled our donation system to make it easier, faster and as simple as possible.

How To Donate

  1. Head on over to the ‘Causes’ section of our site. You can find the link in the menu bar at the top of every page.
  2. Check out the different causes we are trying to fund and find one that you would like to contribute to.
  3. Click the donate button and fill in your details.
  4. You will then be directed to Paypal to complete your donation.
  5. Optional: (Coming Soon) Return to the cause you donated to and leave a comment if you would like. We would love for you to take credit and join in the discussion about each cause. If you prefer to remain anonymous you can skip this step.

It’s that easy! Your donation will automatically be added to the cause and the completion bar will begin to fill up. This cool little trick means that you can actually see your impact on your chosen cause almost instantly – if you donate $100 towards a $1000 cause you will see the completion bar raise by 10%. We are super excited about this and hope you are too.

In the next few weeks we will be putting in a comment system so that step 5 will become possible. The donation system is live right now and can be used to make a donation.

Currencies Accepted

An important thing to note is that we have chosen to use US dollars for our donation currency but you can choose to donate in any currency that is accepted by Paypal. Paypal accepts a wide variety of currencies including British pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars, Thai baht and many more. To see what currency Paypal accepts please click here.

Your currency will be automatically converted by Paypal. Check out some examples below (conversion rate varies so be sure to check)

  • If you donate $10 and your Paypal account currency is in Thai baht you would be debited approx 332 baht.
  • If you donate $10 and your Paypal account currency is in British pounds you would be debited approx £6.15.
  • If you donate $10 and your Paypal account currency is in Swiss franc baht you would be debited approx 9.10 frank.

… And so on. All of this is done automatically by the Paypal system and during the donation payment process Paypal will tell you exactly how much your account will be debited before you complete the transaction.


Complete Web Site Redesign

Our new site has been designed from scratch to enable us to add and update information quickly and easily. This means that you will see the latest information right here on our site. Of course there are still some things that we don’t put on our site (such as some pictures from our events) so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Here Are Three Key Things About The New Design

  • A cleaner, bolder design that improves readability. Our new design looks great on any screen size and should make it easier to read (especially for people who have to wear glasses, like me!)
  • Individual causes – perhaps you want to make a difference but want to do so in an area you feel passionate about? With our new site design you can do just that. Our causes are now broken down so that you can donate and follow the ones that matter to you most.
  • Information you care about. We have re-written all of our website content and gotten rid of anything that wasn’t essential. Less clutter, more focussed and easier to digest, our new content aims to give you all the information you need.

This is just three highlights of our new site design and there is plenty more to see. You will notice that links to our social media is now in the menu bar and a cinch to get to; we have embedded videos in relevant areas to give you a clearer idea of the work we do and our whole site can now be viewed easily on a mobile or tablet.

We have also added a comment system to our news section of the site that allows anyone to comment and get involved in the discussion. Previously you had to have a Facebook account to comment on our site but now you will be able to sign in to our comment system with your social network details or an email address. Why not try it now and comment below? This is just another way of us being able to connect with you, our supporters, and we are really excited to welcome your comments on upcoming news.

I think that’s enough information for now. Please take a look around and get familiar with the new layout and if you are curious about how easy the new donation system is then why not choose to donate $1 to one of our causes?

Until next time, take care.

– Brett

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