This month proved to be challenging to get to our most remote village near Bang Saphan. Often we are visiting places that no other foreigners have access to and for good reason. At present there are big issues regarding the local police allowing access and also the KNU army is in the area making access incredibly difficult. We desperately wanted to visit as we were unable to get there last time due to the floods. It was reported that there were many sick people waiting to see us and so we wanted to get there to deliver the 300kg of rice donated by a group of Swedish people that had raised money through their wedding in Hua Hin. Amazing day as they had raised 64,005b and have subsequently returned to their home country and raised another 40,000b which will have a huge impact on the villages we are supporting. Through this donation not only was emergency rice delivered but also medical supplies for 3 months which was given to the local nurse to distribute as necessary. Further projects are to follow.

The medical team was able to see around 20 people who would otherwise not have access to any healthcare. There was a man who lost his leg in a land mine in 2005 and has no pain but has a prosthesis that is now far too big for his limb. He will get a quote for a new prosthesis and we hope to be able to support him with this cost.

There are currently 12 children sponsored in this village with only another 4 to find sponsorship for. They were so happy to receive their packs in a bag. The items inside included shoes, blanket, toothbrush/tooth paste, books and pencils for school.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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