With a large team of volunteers enthusiastically waiting for the trip to the village, a large amount of donated clothes and much needed flip flops were loaded in to the two trucks and we headed early to Pala u Noi, just two hours away from Hua Hin.

However, when we arrived we found that the bridge had broken in the recent storm so the last part of the journey was on foot for almost an hour walk through dense jungle.

IMG_3166 (1)

Broken bridge led to one hour trek through dense jungle.

Once we arrived at the village the team was split in to 2; a medical team and an assessment team.

The assessment team took responsibility to map the area to help locate the best place to install the water tanks. The assessment was thorough and invaluable in order to ensure that all the families have access to clean water.

The medical team was able to see around 20 people who would otherwise not have access to any healthcare. The baby who has been seen previously and is sponsored with baby milk was seen and more milk provided.

Many of the children have injuries to their feet as they do not have foot wear unless it is supplied by Jungle Aid. Flip flops were distributed to help protect their feet not only from injuries on stones and sticks but also from worms in the soil.

IMG_3286 (1)

On our way back we stopped at the home for students which was found to be severely flooded after the recent rain. Luckily one of our sponsors who has experience in construction and was with us on this day was able to assess the possibility of a drainage system and climbing frame for the 47 children based there.

A map was constructed and designs of possible solutions were discussed. Samson is now in the process of getting quotes for the project and we will keep you posted on the situation.

We also saw Nong Dee the little boy who had plastic surgery to his face and he is as happy and lively as ever.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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