The Mandalay Project

In June our wonderful team paid a visit to a Monastery in Pin OoLwin, a two hour drive from Mandalay, Myanar which is home to 1,115 boys aged 3-18 years, most of which are orphans. The Project is now underway and In order to help these boys, the first part of the Project will see us start a clothes drive.

The children there have no clothes apart from what is donated. They barely have a t-shirt that isn’t full of holes or trousers that expose half their legs. Our aim is to provide clothing for every boy so we need to find at least 1100 t-shirts and trousers suitable for the boys aged 3-18. But in order to do this, we will need your help.

Raid your wardrobes for everything you no longer wear and donate them to the Mandalay Project. All the children are severely stunted due to the lack of nutrition so they do not need large sizes, but please have a look for any items you could spare and send them to an address in Hua Hin where the collection will take place.

All the clothes will be collected by Annie and Paul, two amazing volunteers who visited the Monastery in June. Thanks to them we have a place to start the clothes drive and with your support we should be able to reach our goal.

If you have any clothes to donate then please contact us through the website or through our Facebook so we can arrange for you to drop them off.

June Medical Trip

From June’s medical trip we are now supporting 15 children all attending school and in need of 2000thb per month to eat.

On 28th October, Nyboon is due to have surgery on his neck to help him walk. We are unsure of the costs but expect it to be around 30,000thb.You can donate to help fund Nyboon’s operation by clicking here.

Also, Samson the leader we work with very closely will have his hip operation on 23rd October. He has a fractured dislocated hip. An amazing amount of money has been raised already (over 150,000b by Bjorn Jansson and Hermann Windsvoll) but we still need more help if possible as the expected cost is 250,000b

Nong Dee

Nong Dee, a seven-old boy who was badly scarred after falling in a fire when he was just two, has had his operation which was supported by JA and Operation Smile. You’ll all be pleased to know that he is doing really well.



If you love gorgeous food and having a great night out, then come along to our charity dinner on Novermber 13th.  It’ll be a fantastic evening and all of your support will be greatly appreciated. You can find more information on how to get tickets our Facebook event here. We look forward to seeing you there.

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