This month we had a slightly earlier start, meeting at 6am to ensure we managed to reach the village and return within 1 day. Our fantastic volunteers were loaded with clothes, shoes, toothbrushes and toys. We also had 200kg of rice kindly donated by Sue Jones who is a teacher from a school in wales. They raised money for rice and footballs for the village.

 Little helping hands carrying rice

On the way we stopped at the Home for Students in Pala U and picked up another translator. While we were there we met Nong Dee our little boy who has the facial scars from burns when he was 2 yrs old and is due his operation on 23rd August. We will keep you posted on his progress. This is being sponsored by Operation Smile.

 Nong and Emma

On our way we have to travel through wild elephant country and as usual we encountered an elephant who was inquisitive as to what was in the truck…..the volunteers were all very keen to drive faster!!!!


We had thick jungle terrain to cross, 3 rivers and 45 degree hills that were challenging to get up. Without the 4×4 trucks we would never reach the village. One had been kindly donated from Mary Neve.


We reached the village by lunchtime and set to work straight away. This month we were very fortunate to have 3 doctors working alongside our nurse, several translators and enough support for assessments of the village. The team do not stop and work continuously to ensure that every person waiting gets to be seen. We saw 78 people ranging from a 2 month old baby to a man of 106 years old.


The team worked so well with each other, asking questions about possible diagnosis and then using what drugs we have in our medical kit to treat the patient. The diseases vary from open wounds, fungal infections, worm infestations and suspected malaria and dengue fever.



After everyone had been treated clothes, shoes and toys were handed out to much appreciated people with very little. The rice is needed to feed 15 children who remain in a safe house where they are able to be fed, clothed and attend the local Thai school.  They are cared for by a lady and the local village leader.



After an amazing day we headed back to the trucks to start our long journey home. It took approximately 3 ½ hours.


Thanks to everyone who continues to support the work we do.

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