We had a large team of new volunteers joining us this month from Seagull Search in Bangkok, and it was very exciting introducing them to our most remote village near Bang Saphan. All volunteers met at 6am loaded with donated clothes and medical equipment excited about the long trip ahead.


Our core team of volunteers ensure that our new volunteers are prepared and ready for the amazing experience they are about to have visiting a village on the border between Myanmar and Thailand. All loaded in to two 4×4 trucks the usual core team included Em our nurse, Sam our Osteopath, Millee the volunteer coordinator, Brett who manages and has created our website and our translators without which we couldn’t do the work we do.

After a 3 hour drive we had a two hour trek through dense jungle and rivers before we reached the village.

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If you remember last time we were here we were able to give the village leader money for water tanks kindly donated by amazing supporters of JA. They have arrived and will be installed within the next 2 days so that all the families have clean water.

The volunteers were split in to two groups to enable us to achieve as much as possible while there. The first team was medical, based in a small bamboo shelter. Many men, women and children had walked for 1 whole day to reach us, as they have no access to any health care if we do not go.

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There were many children that needed treatment and several that needed follow up. They patiently wait their turn and the atmosphere is lovely with the children playing. We were also able to get many children’s details for sponsorship as due to the remoteness not all the children attend the clinic each time we visit.

IMG_4236 IMG_4260







The second group had another hour walk to the village to the church that will become the local village school. This is such an exciting project as not one child has been able to attend school in this area due to the remoteness of the village. For these children it will be the first school ever offered to them.

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An amazing day.

Thank you to everyone who supports the work we do.



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