The sun was rising and the trucks were loaded with medical supplies and donated shoes and clothes.  At 6.30am our nurse, osteopath, project co-ordinator and hospital liaison officer met the Bangkok volunteer Group at our usual meeting point. We were heading to our closest village, Pala-u Noi, with only a 2 ½ hour drive through thick jungle and a few rivers. The rivers were low and easy to cross which meant we were able to drive all the way to the village.

The project co-ordinator carried out the village assessment with fantastic support from our volunteers who have experience in community development. Keith has now supported our trips for the last 2 months and has been invaluable to ensuring we obtain as much information from the village leader, highlighting their concerns for the village.

Emma worked alongside Sam our Osteopath and they managed to see almost 50 people with different illnesses, maternal and child health issues. It was really great to see Pee Hare who is a lovely man who we helped at the beginning of January 2013. He was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, had it removed in Hua Hin and now has a huge smile and is doing well.

As always we had a huge adventure on the way home and managed to be only a few metres away from a wild elephant that wanted to see what we had in the back of the truck!!!!

Another amazing day with a great team of volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who supports us.

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