How Many Patients have been treated in Jungle Aid Medical Clinics so far this Year?

The answer is… an incredible 251 people.

A whole myriad of often painful and debilitating ailments are treated by the medical team who give their time and infinite energy to support the remote villages. For example, this month the villagers of ‘Thai Village’ received treatment for toothache, diarrhoea, back pain and coughs. As well as providing care the team also presented an interactive health and hygiene workshop. These workshops are so important to the promotion of preventative health care.

It is thanks to our team of volunteers and donors that each and everyone one of these 251 patients have had their health lifted.

Every contribution to Jungle Aid is precious and makes a difference. This month we give particular thanks to Kim and Barry, the wonderful singing duo, who have donated an amazing 205,616 Thb over the past 18 months. You have changed lives for the better.

The final Jungle Aid fact for the month: 2957 kg of rice of have been delivered to villagers so far this year. That is roughly 25,000 plates of rice and 25,000 smiles!

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