2023 has ended on a real high as JA volunteers came together to support Sam Sheriff’s incredible drive to raise funds by holding the Take 5 Golf Challenge. An amazing 500,000thb was raised for Jungle Aid. Sam and his family’s efforts were just amazing. The weekend was full of joy and the generosity of the golfers was boundless. A massive thank you goes to Sam and all those who contributed to this hugely successful event. Together with the 19,000thb raised at the World Cup Football Tournament these funds will have a direct impact on the lives of the villages supported by Jungle Aid.

Immediate differences to lives are made by Jungle Aid through the provision of basic necessities as in the recent visit to PalaU Noi village for the delivery of rice for elderly residents and vulnerable families.

Changing lives through the provision of education is a further way that lives of the villagers will be enhanced in the long term. Children at Naresuan PalaU Noi Border Patrol School were visited in December and support given to provide healthy lunches. Action is being taken to provide stable internet connections for the recently donated computers and a further donation of printers.

Amongst the big projects to provide sustainable change for all JA villages there are individual stories that highlight the importance of all the work of volunteers and donors. One such story is of a 14 year girl living with her father with poor health. They had been left without a home. JA has helped them to construct and equip a house with a simple bathroom and toilet and also provide electricity and water for them. Transport is being provided to enable the teenager to attend school. Support will continue until the father is back on his feet and in employment.

This is just one story of many but illustrates just how the wonderful team of JA volunteers and donors make a difference to lives and thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts JA will be able to go on making a difference in 2024.

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