The needs of all the rural communities supported by Jungle Aid are diverse but fortunately this diversity is matched by the skills and drive of our volunteers.

This month a total of 6000 fish were delivered to Pongleuk’s pond and to the village pond of Bangkloi. These can be raised by the villagers and will help to prevent mosquitoes.

Mosquito control was also the focus for some of the health promotion sessions. These educational sessions are of great importance and are run hand in hand with health clinics.

Not only are the basic needs of villages as a whole supported but thanks to our generous donors we are able to support individual families. A father and daughter left homeless in Pala U Noi village have been provided with a simple home and have had their basic needs met. Jungle Aid are still working to provide electricity and gas cooking facilities. The immediate response from donors and volunteers was wonderful.

Thank you to you all for changing lives for the better.

On a final note, don’t forget to buy tickets for the Monsoon Vineyard Charity Night on August 12th. See JA Facebook for bookings.

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