There were two significant trips made by JA volunteers in the month of June. The JA construction team completed the kitchen roof and confirmed that the pond is ready to receive fish on their visits to Pongluek and Bangkloi villages. Both these projects will make a big difference to the lives of the villagers.

Medical teams also carried out their vital work at Ponkluek and Bangkloi villages as well as on their visit to Pala U Noi. In total JA Medical teams lifted the lives of over 50 villagers in June.

JA changed the life chances for three youngsters at Pala U Noi village by providing financial support for their High School Education.

The work of JA volunteers has been inspirational to the students of Hua Hin International school. The HHIS Family Golf Day raised over 40,000thb for Jungle Aid and yet more fundraising events are planned as students are really keen to support to work of Jungle Aid.

Please continue to look out for Kim and Barry’s performances. Not only are they a wonderful jazz duo but contribute a portion of ticket sales to Jungle Aid.

Once again thank you to all the JA volunteers and donors for making a difference to lives.

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