Thanks to generous donors, fundraisers and volunteers, we celebrate the completion of two major construction projects this month. Both these projects will have a huge impact on the lives of villagers of Pala U Noi.

A bridge has now been constructed across the river. Villagers will now be able to travel to work and school in safety. This will have an instant beneficial effect on school attendance and the ability to work.

Another amazing response by JA supporters has been the construction of wells at Pala U Noi. Lack of water was threatening the survival of vital crops. An appeal was raised and now there are wells in place. Crops were saved and seeds can now be planted. The importance of this work to the villagers cannot be underestimated.

What makes Jungle Aid so special is the myriad of different ways that volunteers contribute to changing lives. Through the month of May, clinic visits and fundraising has continued. There have been also new fundraising initiatives, for example donations from Benjamin Breyton ‘s Explorer Thailand discount vouchers. The efforts of all are enormous and continuous; it is wonderful to just pause for a moment to celebrate what is being achieved.

Thank you for your support to change lives for the better.

Jubilant Villagers Celebrate the Completed Bridge at Pala U Noi.

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