A highlight of the visits to villagers over the past weeks was on the very successful vist to Pala U Noi village. 31 patients were treated by our volunteer medical team which included some much needed osteopathic treatments. An example of one of these treatments was for Platu, who is in a wheelchair following a fall from a tree. He was given some exercises to carry out to help his upper body strength and balance.

The health promotion team promoted the importance of handwashing by using glitter and gel to show the way germs cling to our hands. Promoting health education is a key function of Jungle Aid work as it will enable lifelong health.

As well as making these much needed visits to provide medical care and basic supplies Jungle Aid is also working to build a bridge to enable families to travel to school and work safely. This project will cost 124,800thb.

Providing students with education that will change their lives and the lives of their families is also an important feature of JA support, for example Kawin, who is currently studying for a nursing degree. He is working to pay as much as he can but is struggling to pay his 59,000thb tuition fees.

Our donors and volunteers change lives.

One such donor is Monsoon Valley Vineyards.. The recent event at the vineyard raised 60,000thb. Khun Guido Campigotto and Khun Oat once again created a magical evening. We thank Monsoon Valley and all our donors.

Do look out for Kim and Barry Jazz Duo playing around Hua Hin and raising funds for JA!

We continue to work together to raise more funds to support the villagers and to provide basic supplies, care and education. The work of our volunteers is so hugely appreciated. There is currently a real need for translators and interpreters to accompany the visits. Please do let us know if you could help with this or in any way at all.

The Medical Team at work at Pala U Noi.

Handwashing Promotion with glitter and gel!

This is Kawin, who is studying to be a nurse but is struggling to pay his tuition fees.

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