June has been a great month for Jungle Aid. Now the pandemic is easing, a large delivery of much needed food and medical supplies was able to be made to the villagers of PalaU Noi. A medical clinic and activities for the children were also able to take place.

On this visit, volunteers congratulated Khun Bok who, thanks to the sponsorship of donors to Jungle Aid, has been able to complete his education and graduate from Rajabhat University as a Physical Education Teacher. The volunteers also met with two young people who also aspire to go to Rajabhat University. Jungle Aid would really like to sponsor these youngsters as education is key to transforming their lives and those of their families. Any support for this would be greatly appreciated.

Jungle Aid volunteers have also been successful to spread the message about the plight of the villages they support and the dire need of basic supplies. This was evident in the response by students at Hua Hin International School who have worked to raise over 21,000thb and as well as donate 562 items of food. They are the next generation of volunteers.

Thank you as always for your great support.

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