The April Flea markets were a great success thanks to all the volunteers and those who attended. These continue to be a great way to raise funds and make a real difference to the lives of families in the villages as well as locally around Hua Hin too.

Jungle Aid volunteers continue to deliver medical supplies, essential foods and baby supplies to families. These deliveries enable their very basic needs to be met. The poverty is ongoing.

There is good news from the family of baby Pimai. Little baby Pimai is continuing to thrive and her mum found work at a hotel over the holiday time but will be able to return to school now term is about to start again. The family have relied on the support of Jungle Aid and express their gratitude to all those who help them.

Sponsors are still being sought to support children through their secondary education. Education is a pathway to a better life and costs 5000thb a year.

Thank you to our Donors and Volunteers for making such a difference to our families.

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