Jungle Aid Volunteers have started the year with their usual drive and energy.

Bon Luk villagers enthusiastically received much needed basic food items, including rice, oil, noodles, chicken, pork and eggs. Thanks go to our donors who made this possible. An interesting request from the villagers was for a guitar so that they can teach the children to play in their Sunday service.

One local family has really benefitted from the generosity and kind hearts of donors and volunteers as a grandmother and a mother of five children were found struggling to support their family of 5 children with the added concern of the new baby of the 15 year old daughter. Jungle Aid volunteers have been able to provide diapers, formula and basic food support for the whole family and these monthly donations will now go on. This support has changed the lives of this family.

The amazing Jungle Aid team took a moment to take stock of the incredible work of the past particularly difficult year and the difference that donors and volunteers have made to the lives of so many families, with a well deserved get together and celebration at East Rooftop.. Thanks were given to the whole team for their great efforts and support through the year.

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