Pala Noi Village
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Pascal and the customers of Signature Services, rice, tinned fish, noodles milk, hand sanitiser, soap, toothbrushes and blankets were able to be delivered to the Pala Noi village earlier this month. The area has been under quarantine, preventing the villagers from being able to work. So these basic supplies were more than usually desperately needed.

Fundraising Events
Wonderful Christmas spirit has been seen in the immense support of this month’s fundraising events.

Khao Tao Beach Lodge Christmas Fair
The beautiful hand made Christmas decorations, gorgeous silk scarfs and jewellery on the market stall at the Khao Tao Beach Lodge Christmas fair raised over 5,500 thb!

World Cup Penalty Shoot Out
The Penalty Shoot out competition as part of the Pecunia Hua Hin World Cup was not only great fun but raised valuable funds too.

Charity Golf Event
The Take 5 Golf Challenge was a spectacular fundraising event with stunningly generous donations. A massive amount of just over 350,000thb was raised for Jungle aid. Huge thanks go to Sam Sheriff and everyone involved in this incredibly successful event.

Last Visit of 2021

Volunteers visited Thai village on December 18th and were able to deliver donations and treat 35 patients. The treatments included: lice treatment, worm treatment, delivery of contraceptives and eyeglasses. Special thanks to all volunteers and contributors.

Huge thanks go to all the sponsors and volunteers at these events. Without you all, it just would not be possible.

As 2021 comes to a close, huge thanks go to all the donors, sponsors and volunteers for giving so much through the year in so many different ways. It has been a particularly tough year for Jungle Aid communities but your efforts have made real differences to people’s lives. Thank you.

Happy New Year!

2022 here we come, with more plans to extend sustainable aid to remote and needy communities.

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