This is the story of Pordee, a five year old boy from our schoolchildren community in Bang Saphan. On January 16, he was taken to the local hospital with a swollen leg and difficulty breathing. They knew immediately that he was in critical condition and needed to be transferred to Prachuap Khiri Khan General Hospital, is a two hour drive north. A friend of the family drove him there and he started the long road of treatment and recovery.

Thanks to the amazing medical staff at the hospital, Pordee was in good hands. Despite being an undocumented resident, not entitled to any free or subsidized treatment, the hospital showed great compassion by treating him without delay.
He was diagnosed with a blood infection, given oxygen, antibiotics, had his lungs drained. Pordee needed surgery on his leg to reduce swelling and ended up in I.C.U.
He was in the hospital’s hands, all we could do is wait and hope.

The wonderful part of the story was when the Jungle Aid team stopped at the hospital on the way to Bang Saphan. A Jungle Aid nurse and translator wanted to visit and see just how he was doing. After three weeks of being in hospital, Pordee recognized their faces and their green shirts and a big smile appeared on his face.

Despite being in pain and you could see that his leg was still swollen, he is doing very well. Pordee was surrounded by toys and his father just delivered a box full of fresh fruit which Pordee started to eat right away.

Jungle Aid covered 30,000THB towards his medical expenses and look forward to seeing him at the shelter on the next trip.

All of the generous individuals and companies that donate clothing, toys and money and all who support our fundraising initiatives are part of the Jungle Aid team.
It is impossible to put into words the appreciation shown by Pordee, his family and their tight-knit community

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