Jungle Aid volunteers distributing Social Coin

Covid numbers were reportedly low in Thailand but the impact was the same with a State of Emergency announced, lockdown and most businesses closing.  Many low paid laborers lost their jobs, making daily life almost impossible to know where the next meal would come from.  Jungle Aid decided to create food parcels and deliver to poor areas of Hua Hin.

Jungle aid also distributed rice and tinned fish with the donations

Local Thai families were overwhelmed at the arrival of food parcels containing rice, fish and oil.  Within a week 600 parcels had been created and delivered by our amazing team.  We realised very quickly we wanted to do more and have a bigger impact. Jungle Aid created an initiative to support not only people that were hungry but also support the local Thai farmers and local economy. Jungle Aid’s social coin was created. JA social coin vouchers were printed and through word of mouth, people knew they could come and collect a 50b ($1) voucher plus rice/fish donation. The voucher could buy fish, meat, eggs, veg or fruit at the local market. Every night $800 worth of vouchers, 700kg of rice and 700 tins of fish was handed out. We soon realised people were queuing from 12pm waiting for us to arrive at 4pm. They were desperate.

Local Market vendors accepting social coin vouchers

Over the past 10 days we have supported almost 7000 people with food, local farmers, sick families and raised over $12,000 enabling us to provide essentials to people in need. With $11,000 already spent on this food project, over $1000 will be used to continue supporting the very vulnerable families that need our help. We can’t do this without your help.

long line-ups starting early in the day
Thank you for your support!

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