On March 2, 2019, a small group headed out to Hua Yang village for the first time in the Pala U area. Home to approx. 400 people. The population is 80% Karen and 20% Thai. The village is approximately 1 hour from Hua Hin.

During the assessment of the village, the leader explained that the 70 school aged children attend two of the local government schools in the area.

A 10 day old baby is assessed by the Jungle Aid Nurse

Access to water and is limited and every 2 days they are supplied with 16000L of water through a pump that runs from the dam. The village has two water tanks, which they fill up, however, this only lasts the community approximately one and a half days.

By all appearances the village is doing well, they are connected to water and recently (within the last year and a half) been connected to power.

They are working on installing flushing toilets and are 75% of the way to completion. As funds are raised, continue with the construction.

In one of the large bamboo huts used as a gathering place, there are looms set up so that the local women can weave throughout the day. The material is used to make items that they can sell such as clothing, bags or scarves.

Looms that enable the women for the village to make handicrafts and supplement their income.

The medical clinic was a great success highlighting a huge need for health education. 60 people were seen in the medical triage clinic with patients presenting with Hepatitis, alcohol issues, lice and infected wounds. Most children had poor dental hygiene with many children missing teeth or experiencing pain.

A young girl with badly infected wounds that require antibiotics.

There was also a lack of family planning support, back care issues with many adults experiencing pain.

Demo’s of how to lift were given and exercises to improve back pain by our nurse.

Jungle Aid will work with the village leaders to determine how we can support the village going forward.

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