Background on Pala U Noi Village

This village has approximately 60 households with 300 residents.  Jungle Aid has been visiting and supporting this village for 9 years.  We have held regular emergency medical clinics, health promotion classes, supported hospital visits, provided basics such as rice and medicines, clothes, shoes, hygiene and stationery, installed water tanks and support access to school for all children under 16 years old.

Our team was joined by 9 students and 2 teachers from Hua Hin International School (HHIS). The group of 17 volunteers met bright and early. They arrived with bags of donated items including toiletries, shoes, blankets, small toys, seeds and food that they thoughtfully purchased prior to the trip. They had raised the money themselves through a school event.

The drive to the village takes about 1.5 hours from Hua Hin, a journey that takes you through some stunning scenery and elephant country. After leaving the main road to access the village you have to drive over some rough terrain, cross a few fast flowing rivers and navigate some very muddy roads.

Once we arrived in Pala-U Noi, we broke up into 4 groups – the medical team, assessment team, football coach and the educational team.

Our medical team benefitted from the students’ ability to translate for us. They were able to convey each patient’s illness to the nurse so that the nurse was able to treat each person seen. Many patients were suffering from poor skin conditions, intestinal worms and poor diet and some serious social concerns. One 10-year-old girl is currently home looking after her mother as she has a serious alcohol problem and a new born baby. The 10-year-old is currently supporting the family.

Main achievements:

  • 29 people seen in the medical clinic-contraceptives provided, wound care
  • Football coaching to the village children by James
  • Educational games played with the children
  • Village assessment completed by Noon-water project date agreed for January if we have the funds
  • Food, clothes, blankets, toys, mosquito nets, seeds and shoes donated
  • 10-year-old identified needing support to attend school

We ended the day by providing donated items to the villagers. They were extremely thankful for what we were able to bring.

A huge thank you to HHIS students and staff for their support on this trip. Our next visit is scheduled for 8th December 2018          Thank you for all your support and helping us make this happen………….

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