Our area manager, Prabhjeet had a wonderful team of volunteers and with an early start our team set off to Bon Luk.

After an over 3 – hour on and off – road journey, we were met at the pick-up point by Darpou (Village Representative) and transported all the donations and medical bag to the village.

Our donations included cooking oil, canned fish, rice and clothes, toys, knitted toys from our local ladies group, personal hygiene items and several other miscellaneous donations.

Jungle Aid volunteer Marianne supervised the clinic and saw 27 patients, one of whom had serious oral septic and was referred to hospital for further investigation and thorough treatment. This was arranged with our volunteer Prabhjeet and the village leader, Darpou and will be funded by Jungle Aid.

Marianne was assisted by David (medical journal), Kate (translator) and Georgina (medical bag).

We also approved medical expenses for two patients who had surgeries for gall stones and other conditions.  These will be disbursed during our next visit on 20th January.

Our Area Manager, along with Gung (translator), worked closely with the village leader to assess the current needs and we had a photographer overseeing the whole day.

Villagers are always grateful for the useful things we bring them every time we visit them and we are always looking for more ways we can help.

It was a long day at the village and by the time we left, it was past our safe cut off time of 4pm.  But as this was a visit after nearly 5 months (the path to Bon Luk is closed between August and October due to safety reasons by the national park authorities), we made an exception this time in order to see all the patients, finish all the planned tasks and address additional requests made by the community members.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with, we headed home.

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