Our volunteers met at the Market Village at 7AM and with the usual early start our team set off to Bon Luk.

After an over 3 – hour on and off – road journey, we were met at the pick-up point by villagers and transported all the donations and medical bag to the village.

Our donations included cooking oil, canned fish, instant noodles, eggs, fish sauce, rice, clothes, shoes, toys, personal hygiene items and several other miscellaneous donations. Jungle Aid has been supporting the village and the shelter housing 17 children for more than 5 years.

Jungle Aid volunteer nurse, Aranya supervised the clinic and treated 33 patients. We also organized hospital visits for 6 patients; this includes 4 patients for follow up and 2 new patients, including one 6 – month old baby with blood disorder and a young man with kidney stones.

Jungle Aid approved support to Teethep, a 32 year old man who is paralyzed on his left side. We will continue to pay for his hospital visits and medication and will provide him part of his personal expenses to reduce his dependence on his family and neighbours.

Aranya was assisted by Liz (medical journal and medical bag).

We disbursed education sponsorship for the upcoming school year to 6 old and 6 new students who wish to continue their education.

We were pleased to learn that the mothers are using the cloth nappies we brought for them in March on their babies.

Our Area Manager, Kik (translator) and Steve worked closely with the village leader to assess current needs.

Steve and Kik organized health promotion seminar and games and puzzles for children.

Villagers are always grateful for the useful things we bring them every time we visit them and we are always looking for more ways we can help.

Steve also recorded the day in photos.

All volunteers supervised distribution of donations.

It was a long day at the village and by the time we left, it was past 3pm. All volunteers were loaded back in to the vehicles for the dusty journey home.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers and incredible people we work with we headed home.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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