Our small team of 4 volunteers met in Hua Hin bright and early on Saturday morning. After brief introductions, we set off Bang Saphan with a truck full of donations and equipment for the medical clinic. We made excellent time and got to the village quickly.

The trip had several aims:

  • Perform medical clinic for villagers and school children
  • Follow up on bathroom door replacement and bike repair workshop.
  • Pass on donations of clothing, bedding, personal hygiene items, toys and 700 kilograms of rice and 300 eggs.

The two nurses, Marianne and Aranya, go to work setting up the medical bag and area in such a way that both nurses could run medical clinics simultaneously. Sirasa, our translator, assisted Marianne with translations.

They saw 47 patients in total and in record time. In comparison to the December trip, where the nurse saw lots of colds and flu-like symptoms, most of the aliments seen by the two nurses on this trip were minor.

In the meantime, Joanne checked on the status of school children that have been supported by Jungle Aid. She updated the record of the students’ age and grade level to ensure that they are making good progress in their education.

Most of the students were in the appropriate grade level, showing that they are still in school and advancing to the next grade. In addition, 10 more students were added to our records, including 6 students who had entered school this academic year and 5 more who were previously unrecorded.

We anticipate that 5 more students to be enrolled in the upcoming school year. It’s amazing to see how many students are able to attend school because of additional support from Jungle Aid.

Once the assessment was completed, Joanne went to the local shop to purchase 700 kg of rice, 300 eggs and charcoal. These items were distributed to the villagers as well as clothing, bedding, toys and other donated items. It was a productive day with stellar team. We are mission accomplished, we got in the truck and headed back to Hua Hin.

Thank you for making this possible…….

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