Our team consisted of 5 volunteers who met on Saturday, October 28, 2017. For the third time, James Goyder, a coach from Dusit Thani Hua Hin Soccer Academy joined to out a soccer clinic with the children.

We had a great day as we had Sam, our osteopath, able to treat almost 10 patients. Aranya, our translator for the day, was able to do health promotion on teeth brushing and we gave out approximately 20 tooth brushes to children and mums that needed one. The medical clinic had several skin conditions including lice and many women continuing to ask for birth control.

With the help of a Jungle Aid translator, Georgina, the Area Manager,was able to discuss some areas of concern with the nursery school teacher named “G2”. He explained that a roof extension would help to keep the rain and water from getting inside the school.

G2 mentioned that a toilet next to the school would help considerably in the rainy season as the closest toilet is 30 meters away. A toilet next to the school would ensure the children aren’t getting wet and muddy when needing to leave the school to use the toilet. An application was filled out for each project and G2 agreed to submit the cost for materials and labour.

There was also follow-up made with the two students who are currently at University who need our financial help. Both students will contact Jungle Aid via Joanne (area manager Bang Saphan/translator) when their tuition fees are due for next term so that Jungle can pay the school directly.

Thank you for all your support and helping us make this happen………….

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