Our volunteers met at Market Village at 7am and made the usual early start to Bon Luk. After a 3 hour on and off road journey, we were met at the pick-up point by villagers, who transported all the donations and medical supplies to the village by motorbike. 

Our donations included cooking oil, canned fish, instant noodles, eggs, fish sauce, rice, clothes, shoes, toys, knitted toys from our local ladies knitting group, personal hygiene items and several other miscellaneous donations.  Jungle Aid has been supporting the village and the shelter housing 16 children for more than 5 years.

This time, we also brought some white boards to be used as village notice board and to be used at the village school run by the rangers.

Jungle Aid volunteer nurse Marianne was assisted by Liz (medical Journal) and Sunee (translator). The group saw 27 patients, also following up on the patient from last month who had serious oral infection and was referred to hospital for further investigation and thorough treatment.  The patient had visited the hospital, the visit arranged and funded by Jungle Aid, is taking medication and has recovered very well.

We also followed up with the patient who had surgery for gall stones.  She has been regularly following up with the treatment and was at the hospital for x – ray and medication.  Jungle Aid paid for her visits as well as for another patient.

Jungle Aid provided scholarship money to a student whose request for help in further studies was recently approved.

We also received a request to continue the educational sponsorship of 5 students next year.  One new student has applied for sponsorship to continue her education. These requests will go forward to the Jungle Aid board for review. Once approved, we will hand over the scholarships and uniforms etc to the students before start of new school year.

Our Area Manager, along with volunteers Rob, Siri and Alex (translators), worked closely with the village leader to assess the villages current needs.

We learnt that the students enrolled at village’s primary school received new bicycles on ‘Children’s Day’ and the children were happy riding their new bicycles around village.

Villagers are always grateful for the useful things we bring them every time we visit them and we are always looking for more ways we can help.

After an amazing day with incredible volunteers, the group headed on a long, dusty journey home around 4pm.

Thank you for supporting the work we do…….

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