Medical Update 26th August 2017

Bang Saphan is 3 hours away from Hua Hin and has our most vulnerable families that we work with. This village has approximately 120 residents scattered in various small groups of houses.

The trip had several aims:
• Perform medical clinic for villagers and school children.
• Follow up on education project by obtaining information for educational scholarship student and updating student data for 6 children who entered school this academic school year.
• Pass on donations of clothing, books, personal hygiene items and 500kg of rice and 300 eggs.

Our volunteers met in Hua Hin at 7am on Saturday morning. After brief introductions, our small, but dedicated team of 5 volunteers set off for the long drive to Bang Saphan. On the drive South, we stopped at Macro in Prachuap Khiri Khan to purchase rice and eggs in order to provide basic nutrition for the school children in the village. We loaded up the Jungle Aid pickup truck with the donations and continued on our journey.

When we drove up to the meeting point, we noticed that there was a ‘for sale’ sign posted in front of the house. The villagers informed us that the house we are renting so the children can attend school, was for sale. They could stay in the house for now, but would need to move if the house was sold.

Our medical team was not distracted by the news and got right to setting up the medical clinic. The volunteers included our nurse, Anne, who worked with Asya, medical recorder, and 2 translators, Thu and Nisa. In total, 12 patients were seen during the medical clinic. One woman was experiencing dizziness and lack of appetite. She was given iron and vitamins to see if her condition would improve and her case will be followed up at the next trip.

Our Area manager, Joanne checked on the condition of the bicycles that Jungle Aid had donated to the village last year to help the school children get to school. Several of the bikes had flat tires and needed some basic maintenance. The children explained that they did not have enough bikes to all ride to school and several had to walk instead. Joanne discussed with the village leader of the possibility of providing bike parts so that the bikes could be repaired and be used by the school children to get to school.

Current issues and solving them:
• Donated rice from previous trip was used up more quickly as there are 6 new school children to be fed and the previous students are getting older and eating more. Therefore, additional financial support was provided to purchase additional rice.
• Paid rent for 2 more months for the 14 children and 6 adults to continue living at this house.
• Followed up on educational scholarship for university student.
• Followed up on condition of donated bicycles to help school children get to school and proposal made to purchase parts needed to repair bicycles.
• Recorded names, ages and grade of 6 new school children to update list of school children under Jungle Aid’s support.

Before leaving the village, we distributed clothing, shoes and other donated items. It was a productive day with an amazing group of volunteers. After the last patient was seen, we said our farewells to the villagers, got in the truck and headed back to Hua Hin.

Thank you for your continued support…….

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