Ba Mak Village is located in the Kuri Buri National Park area of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province near the Myanmar border and is home to about 700 people including approximately 200 children. 

Ba Mak map

A team of 6 volunteers met at 6:45 am at Market Village and introductions were made. The team members consisted of the following volunteers: Sam (Osteopath), Emma (Nurse), Annie (Nurse), Paul (Area Manager), Thu (Translator), Bee (Translator)

Objectives of the day

Training osteopath techniques to a local nurse and JA nurse Emma (3 hours)

Medical clinic and health promotion-run by Annie and Bee translating

Assess current needs in the Village-Paul (Area Manager)

Osteopath training:

Fantastic morning with Sam training 3 people to manage lower back pain. Once the training was complete all 3 students were able to practice on people from the village. A booklet with pictures will be given to support the training.

Medical Clinic:

Annie treated 10 patients for a variety of ailments and injuries. Several exercises were given to patients to be able to improve their health problems.

There was one case of &Gastroenteritis& and another of serious burns to a child’s leg- caused by contact with a motor cycle exhaust.  The burn had been treated with toothpaste, due to lack of medication.  Aloe vera was discussed to use as treatment and JA will supply plants at the next trip for the nurse to grow and use as needed on burns.

Health Promotion:

Demonstrations on personal hygiene on hand washing and brushing teeth were carried out with the children. Tooth brushes and soap given to each child.

 Village Assessment:

An assessment was carried out by Paul with translators; to determine the provision of electricity and water; for drinking and sanitation.

There is a reasonable supply of electricity, via &crystalise solar panels& to what appeared to be the main dwellings. 

There were a number of water tanks of various sizes; including the four X 10,000 Ltr tanks.  Not all of these tanks were full.  However, there is obviously an adequate supply of water derived from the nearby river.  For example, there is a large artificial swimming/paddling pool, used by numerous children, during our visit.  Water is piped from the river using a &Hayward& super pump (in excellent condition); Judging by the number of vehicles and motorbikes on site.  There is no shortage of fuel supplies.  One of the trucks on site is being used as a &Bowser& to transport water pumped from the river, around the village.

As the &Village Leader& was unavailable it was not possible to learn all the facts, but as drinking water has not been a problem reported to JA it would appear the supply of drinking water is not a problem.  There is a water mains supply of drinking water piped to the &Army School& for the pupils.

There is a sizable vegetable garden used by the families and there was a considerable amount of bagged rice on view.  Evident that basic food supply does not appear to be a problem.

Clothing and Shoes

The team organized and handed out many donated clothes, shoes, blankets and towels.

Once the clothes had been handed out we set off home. It was another great day and we will return to this village in 2 months with the osteopath training photos, medical supplies and discuss with the village leader whether JA are able to step away from the support we have nee offering as our goals have been achieved.

Thank you for all your support and helping us make this happen………….

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