Pala U Noi is a Karen village of approximately 40 houses with 200 people living on about 500 rai of Thai Government National Forest in Prachaup Khiri Khan. The nearest sub-district is Huai Sat Yai. Jungle Aid has conducted many medical visits and treated over 450 patients there. Jungle Aid has also conducted numerous baby/mother nutrition seminars, sponsored 3 new-born babies with baby formula, hygiene and birth control education, provided mosquito nets, installed two rainwater tanks, one river water tank, 2 water pumps, provided 300 recycled notebooks and sports equipment for the children and adults of the village and is currently involved in a humanitarian aid joint-venture to provide fresh drinking water to the village.

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Electricity and clean water are not widely available and most villagers use candles for light and boiled water from the nearby river for cooking and drinking. The village does have a number of working solar panels to provide electrical power. Sources of income include selling coffee, bananas, peppercorns, papaya and other fruit and vegetable produce grown there. Jungle Aid has been actively supporting Pala U Noi for over 5 years.We have held regular medical clinics, supported hospital visits, given oral and visual instruction on personal hygiene and contraception, supported village children to attend school and provided school supplies, and other personal items to the village residents.

Jungle Aid Trip to Pala U Noi on 18 March

A team of 12 volunteers met at 6:45 am at Market Village. The team members consisted of the following volunteers: Terry – Driver/Area Manager/Assessor, Emma – Driver/Medical/Assessor, Mai – Interpreter/Medical Disbursement, Asya – Medical Journal, Ellie – Interpreter and Donavan Photographer.  Leslie and Lynn / volunteers. Eight additional volunteers came to us from the Patana School in Bangkok and comprised a team of 12 members in all. Upon our arrival, we were met by Gee-tu who is both the village teacher and one of its leaders. Emma discussed many of the village issues with Gee-tu.

Water Pump and Storage:

We discussed the need for additional PVC piping to complete the water system from the river to the pump to the storage tanks. We were also joined by Bi-Eh who gave Terry all of the necessary measurements and connections required to complete the job.

*Medical Care:

Over 21 adults and children were seen and treated for a variety of ailments, rashes, coughs, infections, burns and even a possible broken arm.

*Personal Hygiene:

Also on the day’s agenda was to demonstrate good personal hygiene to the children and adults who had gathered. One of our team translators, Joy, demonstrated good hand washing practice using visual aids and oral explanation through posters and flyers developed by Jungle Aid.


Emma and Bi-Eh completed paperwork for 3 students applying for scholarships and grants from JA.

Mosquito Nets:

We delivered the additional 50 requested nets for distribution by Bi-Eh.

*Contraception and Birth Control:

Emma and Joy discussed with the ladies and girls at the medical clinic about contraception and birth control.


The village is aggressively growing a variety of vegetables and fruits not only for personal consumption but also for sale at a market. They have been successfully implementing many new techniques in seeding and planting that have increased their overall yields. The assessment team observed that their banana, lime and papaya crops are doing very well.

Requests and Needs:

Terry will purchase the PVC pipe and fitting and these will be delivered within four weeks on a special visit.

It was a fantastic day, with an amazing team of volunteers. We will return in 2 months to support this village.

The work we do cannot be done without your continued support. Thank you………

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