Early Saturday morning with three 4×4 trucks kindly donated to us for the day, we were loaded up with medical supplies and bags of donated clothes. We had a huge team this month with people travelling from Bangkok and the UK to join us visiting one of our remotest villages.

We were travelling to Bon Luk, which can be found in the Kaeng Krachan National Park.
The journey was tough and without 4×4’s we can’t reach this village. After almost 5 hours of driving up steep inclines where the trucks almost didn’t make it, we arrived at the village and carried all the clothes and medical supplies to the meeting point.


With 12 volunteers and 3 translators we were able to see 87 people that have no access to any healthcare. We saw a man with an inguinal hernia that was the size of a melon, which he has had for over 3 years and has been unable to walk without severe pain. He will be followed up and taken to Hua Hin hospital for an operation.

There were many young women who were on their 4th or 5th pregnancy and all were desperately wanting the contraceptive pill so that they can have the choice of whether they would like to have a child or not.

A young mother with a baby, 5 months old and already pregnant with her 5th child.

A young mother with a baby, 5 months old and already pregnant with her 5th child.

They have no access to family planning and the mini pill costs 100b per month. We want to provide the young women with access to family planning and offer the opportunity to space their pregnancies, saving the lives of the babies and the mothers. The youngest mum with the most children so far recorded is 21 years old on her 7th pregnancy.

JA_MedTrip_27thApril-90 JA_MedTrip_27thApril-32

The medical clinic provides a place where people with diseases and illnesses can be seen for free regardless of whether they have identification. While the medical clinic is running our other volunteers are able to offer support around the village looking at ways of supporting the villagers to identify their own needs such as needing clean water or land for crops.

You can see from the many pictures below that it was an amazing day!
Thank you to everyone who supports the work we do.


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