Back in October we met the Bangkok Volunteer Group who wanted to get involved with Jungle Aid.  Six Volunteers were able to join our usual team with our nurse Emma, Maria and Paw Eh Eh our Hospital Liaison officer. The Bangkok Volunteer Group consisted of very supportive people with varied skills including a doctor, a lady with a background in Infection Control and a volunteer with Community development background.

On Saturday we met at 7am and had 2 cars (very kindly donated for the day by Mary and Hazel) loaded up with donated clothes and toys for the parents and children. We headed to one of the most remote villages in Keang Kra Chan National Park and the journey took almost 5 hours to get there. The village has roughly 500 people but no data is currently collated. No births or deaths are recorded making the assessment challenging. The first assessment completed on the village took almost 4 hours to complete. With each village assessment complete, projects will be identified with the leaders of the village highlighting the areas of concern for each village.

Subatra who is a qualified doctor worked alongside Emma our nurse and they managed to see almost 60 people. Illnesses ranged from TB, infected abscesses, worm infestations and long standing sores. With the medical clinic complete and the village assessment, clothes were handed out to very desperate people in need of clothing and more importantly food.

The drive home was an adventure crossing the same jungle terrain and we were lucky enough to finish the evening off seeing 3 wild elephants.

An amazing day with a great team of volunteers.

Some exciting photos of our day.


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