We are a private charity bringing essential education, sustainability and medical support to displaced people in Thailand. Our mission is to provide medical aid, education, support and micro-business opportunities to people living in remote locations on the Thailand Burmese boarder. The people we support live in remote locations on the boarder of Thailand and Myanmar and have extremely restricted resources. Our primary aim is to provide them with the skills, knowledge and materials to become sustainable. For these people Jungle Aid is an important and essential lifeline. With your help we provide them with the knowledge, the supplies and the continued support to make a positive impact on their lives.

We’re not offering an overnight solution or a scheme to westernise their lives, instead we are committed to doing things that work. Things like:

Providing on-site medical clinics and covering costs for those who require surgery.

Working alongside the villages to assist them in becoming self sustainable.

And providing basic education, such as the importance of a balanced diet, and more.


With Your Help We Can Provide A Brighter Future

Jungle Aid is made possible by the generous donations of all of our supporters and the commitment of our dedicated volunteers. It really is a team effort and as one team we are all working towards the common goal of improving the lives of others. This can mean different things to different people but to us it means that we are focused on providing a better standard of living and restoring hope for displaced people on the borders of Thailand and Myanmar. Join us and help make change possible.

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4×4 Truck Needed To Continue Our Support

Much of our work requires the use of 4×4 trucks. Until recently we have managed with the use of some very worn out trucks but one of them has now become unusable. We desperately need to replace this truck so...
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